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Vin de Gose

We took some of our popular Raspberry Gose and aged it in a Moscatel Cask from the Douro Valley. We only added one extra ingredient, Time!

Tasting notes:

Jammy aroma and once it hits the palate, the wine character from being on the Moscatel infused wood for 12 months comes through beautifully.

 ABV 6.5% 

Nasceu da Madeira

Matured in a Setúbal Moscatel cask for 12 months and reminiscent of a Flanders Red ale, this limited edition beer has been born from the wood it matured in.

Tasting notes:

Notes of caramel, raisin and oak come through on the nose and the taste.

 ABV 6.0% 

Espirito Salvagem - OUT OF STOCK

Aged for 18 months in french oak Tourigo Nacionale Reserva casks, this ale has taken on wild earthy notes from naturally occurring yeasts.

Tasting Notes:

Subtle notes of pineapple and balsamic reduction.

ABV 4.7%

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